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1. The organizer

Câmpulung Film Fest 5 is organized by Asociatia Hasmațuchi, based in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, str. Nicolae Filimon, no. 6, Suceava County, NGO Register: 20957 / A / 2015 (named in this document the organizer).

2. The festival

The fifth edition of Câmpulung Film Fest (named in this document the festival), will take place in Câmpulung Moldovenesc.

The five days of cultural events will take place between the dates of 26 (Wednesday) and 30 (Sunday) August 2020, access to participants being allowed starting at least 45 minutes before the screenings, based on a ticket or valid access subscription.

(In this document, the notion of the festival framework will designate the duration and area of ​​the festival, together.)

The full program of events is available on the website:


3. The other terms

Except in situations where, in this document, a broader meaning is provided or, as the case may be, depending on certain factors, a more restrictive one, the terms used have the following definitions:

Subscription - nominal certificate (transferable), issued for a fee by the organizer in electronic form, which gives the participant the right to participate in the festival, for its entire duration.

Adult - parent or guardian of the child or minor he accompanies at the festival.

Ticket - nominal certificate (transferable), issued for a fee by the organizer in electronic form, which grants the participant the right to participate in the festival, at the screening mentioned by the ticket

Bracelet - certificate (non-transferable) issued by the organizer at the exchange of the subscription, by which the organizer grants the participant the right to all the screenings mentioned when purchasing the subscription

Minor - participant in the festival or on one of the days of the festival who, until 26.08.2020, inclusive (if he participates in the entire festival or only on one of the days of the festival) will NOT be 16 years old and who will NOT he is a child.

Prohibited objects - goods, products, materials, substances, etc., the possession of which is prohibited during the festival.

Participant - the person who participates in the festival, as a buyer of a ticket / subscription or as a beneficiary of an invitation.

Person under 18 years - participant in the festival or on one of the days of the festival which, until 26.08.2020, inclusive, will NOT be reached the age of 18 and who is NOT a minor or a child.

Policy regarding the processing and protection of personal data - all the conditions under which the organizer processes your personal data, available on the website

Product - any immediate consumer good, sold during the festival

Service - any other service that does NOT represent the transmission of a product or an object of merchandise, performed during the festival.

Organizer's website - website

Authorized Seller Sites - Authorized Festival Ticket Seller Websites, , respectively

Terms and conditions - all the rules imposed by the organizer to the participants, starting with the moment of purchasing the ticket / subscription or receiving the invitation and until leaving the festival area, as a result of its termination. Buying a ticket / subscription or using an invitation represents acceptance of all terms and conditions, and violation of these rules attracts, unless otherwise provided, eviction from the festival area, the organizer reserving the right to notify the competent authorities in case of antisocial acts.

The terms and conditions can be modified until the closing time of the festival, but only as a result of legislative changes (in a broad sense, including incidental acts of the local administration), in well-justified situations (in which the organizer undertakes to make every effort to to limit / eliminate any possible inconvenience that could be caused to the participants), as well as in case the organizer decides to extend the rights within the festival (example: introduction of additional, alternative payment systems), in all cases the organizer will take all measures necessary to inform participants in a timely manner. The modification of the ticket / subscription price (see 4.3., Below) does not constitute a modification of the terms and conditions.

4. Access to Câmpulung Film Fest 5

4.0.1 Tickets, season tickets are transferable, the organizer does not assume responsibility for the exchange of tickets / season tickets between persons.

4.0.2 Invitations and bracelets are NOT transferable, and can only be used by the people who bought or received them, respectively, during the festival.

4.1. The purchase of tickets and season tickets can be done on the websites of authorized sellers.

Also, the purchase of tickets and season tickets can be done on the organizer's website: the interested person will create an account (in which the name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number will be entered), after which it will be redirected to the payment processor's website, where you will enter your bank card details for online payment.

The payment processor is the EuPlatesc platform, whose website please access it to browse the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Regarding these data, in connection with which please browse the "Policy on the processing and protection of personal data", the interested parties undertake to provide them correctly and completely, the organizer reserving the right to notify the competent authorities in case of providing false information or any other kind of fraud attempt.

Once the procedure has been completed on the site and the payment has been confirmed by the payment processor, the participant will receive an e-mail containing the ticket (s) and / or the season ticket (s), which can be found at any time in his account on the site.

The ticket will be provided by the Eventway ticketing platform.

4.2. People who purchase tickets or season tickets are asked to verify the veracity of the ticket at the time of purchase and, if they have any suspicions, they must immediately notify the organizer, at the e-mail address

Subsequent complaints will NOT be considered.

Câmpulung Film Fest will NOT award compensation in case of alleged fraud.

4.3. The organizer reserves the right to change the price of tickets or season tickets at any time (such as at the end of a promotional period), interested persons must follow the organizer's website or those of authorized sellers (where prices are displayed) before proceeding to purchase. The change in the price of tickets / subscriptions does NOT affect the persons who have the payment confirmed before the change operation.

4.4. Once purchased, tickets and season tickets can NOT be returned. The equivalent value of the purchased tickets or season tickets can be refunded only in case of cancellation of the festival by the organizer, for reasons that do NOT fall under the force of force majeure (any external event, unpredictable, absolutely invincible and inevitable).

4.5. Subscriptions and invitations will be scanned and, after confirming their validity, changed into bracelets for access to the festival. The tickets will be scanned at the entrance to the screening space and, after confirming their validity, the holder's access will be guaranteed.

The staff within the access points is entitled to request from any ticket / subscription / invitation holder the presentation of an identity document, on which to be inscribed the date of birth.

The bracelets are NOT transferable, ensuring access to the festival only to the person to whom it was fixed after changing the subscription / invitation.

Wearing the bracelet is mandatory throughout the festival, and it can be checked at any time, both in the access perimeters in the festival area and inside it.

Breaking, damaging or losing the bracelet cancels the participant's right to participate and access the festival area. To re-enter you will need to purchase a new subscription and change it into a new bracelet.

The rules on bracelets, shown in the previous four paragraphs, apply to all participants, regardless of age.

5.1. Children under 5 have free access to the festival, if and only if they are accompanied by an adult who will have purchased a ticket / subscription or who is the beneficiary of an invitation. However, the children will not be able to occupy one of the seats alone and will have to be held in their arms by the accompanying adult.

Also, the child will NOT be able to leave the festival area unaccompanied by the adult, except in special situations, such as the evacuation of participants or part of the participants or medical cases (situations in which he will be accompanied by medical staff).

The adult is responsible for the safety of the child.

5. Interdictions

6.0. Participants are obliged to undergo special control, caused by the COVID pandemic 19.

The organizer reserves the right to prohibit access or, possibly, to evacuate from the festival:

- persons who refuse control or who do not fulfill the conditions of such control,

- aggressive people,

- persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

- persons who manifest forms of violent behavior or who disturb the other participants,

- the persons who present a behavior that contradicts the good development of the festival,

- persons who are suspicious of endangering other participants or of the proper conduct of the festival.

Each participant has the obligation to present a civilized behavior towards all the other people who are in the festival, not to infringe the rights and legitimate interests of other participants, artists, organizer and its partners.

Participants are asked to constantly and carefully supervise their children and / or minors who accompany them and NOT to leave their belongings unattended.

Also, participants are asked to be vigilant and, if they notice any incidents that may endanger the participants, their belongings or the conduct of the festival, to immediately contact the nearest representative of the organizer or security guard.

Each participant is liable for damages, and the organizer is NOT responsible for any loss, theft, damage (partial or total) or any other actions / omissions by a third party (including a partner's representative) whose consequence is the diminution of the value of a good (including photo / video equipment of media members).

6.1. The organizer will be permanently available to participants to help maintain a good atmosphere and to avoid possible unpleasant situations.

In this sense, the organizer reserves the right to temporarily block the access of participants in certain perimeters, if it considers that those perimeters have reached their maximum capacity in which the festival can run safely.

The organizer is NOT responsible for the deterioration of the health of any participant, caused by a pre-existing condition, combined with the specific elements of such a festival (examples: crowds, noise, lighting equipment).

Also, the organizer is NOT responsible for the deterioration of the health of any participant, as a result of the action / omission of another participant, a partner or another person who is not in any relationship with the organizer.

6.2. It is forbidden to enter the festival with:

- psychoactive substances,

- any kind of blunt or dangerous objects, knives, knives, chains, etc.,

- pyrotechnic materials, substances or products,

- sprays (including self-defense sprays),

- any kind of glass (including perfume or cream) or metal containers,

- cosmetic products containing flammable liquids,

- Chinese lasers or lanterns,

- banners supported by sticks,

- cameras and other accessories, especially large ones, any kind of tripods, detachable flashes (being forbidden any kind of shooting made with flash or in another way that can disturb the smooth running of the festival or the other participants),

- any kind of substances prohibited by law.

6.3. It is also forbidden to enter the festival with:

- seats (normal or folding),

6.4. Access to the festival is allowed with:

- medicines issued on the basis of the related medical prescription (document to be presented, in case of request from the organizer),

- rain capes (regarding the eventuality of rain),

- specific wheelchairs (for people with locomotor disabilities),

- cameras, including professional DSLR (the organizer reserves the right to establish places / areas where photography and filming are prohibited; in case of non-compliance, the organizer has the right to take the camera / video strictly to delete those recordings , remaining at its discretion if it also orders the evacuation of the participant (s)),

6.5. Participants are prohibited from the festival any form of economic activity of any kind (including the promotion of their own services or provided by another person) or advertising, demonstrations, demonstrations and rallies of any kind, distribution of leaflets, attempts to indoctrinate other participants, as well as any other manifestations of behavior that may affect the good conduct of the festival or the good mood of other participants.


6. Intellectual property

9.0. All materials presented on the site and on the supports in the festival area represent the property of the organizer or his partners.

All images, emblems, texts from the festival area are reproduced with the consent of their owner (if they are not already assigned to the organizer).

All these elements are subject to intellectual property legislation.

9.1. Participants may NOT use, copy, distribute, publish or incorporate, for the purpose of obtaining income, such elements in other documents or materials in any form without the express prior consent and expressed in writing by the organizer or its partners.

9.2. The organizer has the right to image the entire festival and can use the photo and video images, made both by his own staff and by the participants, in various materials made on the occasion of the festival.

9.3. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, participants agree that the organizer, its partners, members of the press, other participants and other persons who are allowed access to the festival may make audio and / or video recordings of the festival.

9.4. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, participants agree to record and publish their image, appearance and actions, understanding and accepting that the organizer may store and duplicate the recordings and distribute / disseminate them through specific means, may disseminate or make them public in otherwise, including by informing the public about future editions of the festival, concerts and programs, by means of data transmission by cable or by any other electronic means (examples: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) or otherwise.

9.5. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, within the limits provided by law, the participants waive any financial or other claim against the organizer arising from actions such as the above.

9.6. Within the limits of the Terms and Conditions, as well as of the law, the participants have the right to make, during the festival, recordings of images, audio and / or video, by means of devices that do not contain, as a component part, prohibited objects and that do not represent, by themselves, forbidden objects.

9.7. Participants who will make registrations during the festival are prohibited, without express prior consent and expressed in writing from the organizer, their marketing or use for the mediated purpose of obtaining money or other material benefits.

7. Responsibility of the organizer

10.1. In addition to the situations indicated above, the organizer does NOT assume responsibility for:

- no claim raised by persons who will have entered the festival area without having the right or in violation of the Terms and Conditions or the law,

- no claim regarding actions, omissions, events, etc., made outside the festival area,

- possible delays in evacuating the general public from the festival area, caused by it or by other external factors,

- duration of the process of entering the festival area,

- the modification of certain segments of the festival, necessary for its good development,

- the quality and / or conformity of the products, services and objects of merchandise sold by the partners,

- any claim based on action or omission from another participant, a partner or another person who is not in any relationship with the organizer,

- no claim based on an event caused by a thing for which the legal guard is NOT responsible for the organizer,

- no claim when it is based on a case in respect of which the law provides for the removal of the responsibility of the organizer,

- no claim, in full, when it is based on a case in respect of which the law provides for the limitation of the liability of the organizer.

10.2. Anyone who has claims against the organizer will contact him at his headquarters, to try to resolve the dispute amicably.

If, after completing the attempt to resolve the dispute amicably, no consensus is reached, it may be referred to the competent court.

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