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First edition / 2016

  • the first screening of a film inside the old Luceafărul Cinema Hall, 20 years from its last one;

  • vertical screenings, on the ceiling of the old cinema

  • the first screening of a film on the Istrati ski slope

  • the first concert inside the old Luceafărul Cinema Hall


20 short films from the two invited countries: Denmark and India. Seven European animation films. Two Romanian features plus an experimental one screened vertically, on the ceiling of the old Luceafărul Cinema Hall. COMPLETE LIST


Two French women directors, one from Poland, one from Denmark and another from Croatia. Electro music group from Bucharest! COMPLETE LIST

Fotograf oficial al ediției: Mircea Reștea
Design grafic: Bogdan Stamatin, Preda Ioan
Design poster: Maria Elisabeta Cucu
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