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Morning, Noon, Evening

Morning, Noon, Evening

Dimineața, amiază, seara


directed by 

Adelina Apetrei




"Here, the people greet you with "May god forgive you" instead of "Goodbye". At first sight, Sulina looks like a romantic city in the Danube Delta, but with more attention we can see a wider variety of layers. The film catches the daily life of a harbor town, going at the pace of the ones that come and the ones that stay, being characterized by three different perspectives of the town.

Biography | Adelina Apetrei

Adelina is the High-Film-School coordinator and she founded the documentary film club at her high school.
She took part in a few film workshops and the result of one of these is the "Morning, Noon, Evening" short, realized by only using analog devices.
Now, Adelina is getting ready for her first year of University in UK, where she will study Film and Digital Arts at the Creative Arts University.



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