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Gipsy Queen

Gipsy Queen

Gipsy Queen


directed by 

Hüseyin Tabak




Ali is a single mother who works to exhaustion for her two children, trying to give them a better life in their new house in Germany. She never complains, even though she has multiple jobs, from construction, to cleaning in a renowned underground club, Ritze, where there are also box matches taking place. However, Ali has a deep hurt in her heart: being a former junior boxing champion, she was disinherited and banished by her father when she became a mother, being unmarried, at a young age, in Romania. Disappointed and with her children taken away, Ali focuses her anger in the punching bag, from the Ritze basement. Tanne, a former boxer and the owner of the club, sees her talent. Ali starts again to fight for the chance to a better life.



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