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Câmpulung  Film Fest is an international film festival which invites every year, at the end of August, in the mountainous town of Câmpulung located in the Northern Romania, two countries: one from Europe, the other a non-European country.


A comparative festival?

The third edition of this festival took place between the 23rdand the 26thof August in 2018, having as guests Israel and Hungary, revolving around the graduation films from SZFE Budapest and Sam Spiegel and Television School. The 2017 edition confronted  France with The United States of America. Two highly appreciated schools were the homes of 10 short films brought at the festival: La Femis from Paris and Columbia University from New York. The first edition hosted films from The National Film School of Denmark located in Copenhagen and The National Institute of Design from Ahmedabad, India, with its film department.

The projections take place in an established succession, having in mind the comparison between two oppositions. Hence, they come in packages. For example, a French film is followed by an American one. A Danish film is followed by one from India. Nonetheless, they are placed together based on the theme they explore, this being the locus of a unification between the two. At the intersection of the two cinematographic experiences, we hope a third, new perspective will take birth:  a personal, reflexive view, directed to our own culture. 

The most accurate example we can offer is the following: The first edition, hosting India and Denmark, projected a package of films focusing on and mirroring a very specific theme, uniting two very different cultural sceneries: “Open eyes”- the story of a blind young woman from Copenhagen and “Echo”, the life of a deaf 5 year old girl from Ahmedabad. A deeply humane and rich experience, we travelled half the globe to witness the portrayals of two lives, in an hour.

This festival represents a unique challenge in the Romanian film festival scene, focusing on cultural richness and diversity, concerning the projections. The third edition witnessed something new. We invited in our comparative mix short films from our Romanian Film School based in Bucharest, UNATC, with this having in mind the inclusion of a national/local cinematographic experience. 

What is our purpose? To connect dots on maps, concrete and metaphorical maps, to create unique cultural, cinematographic sceneries in the hearts of the members of our public.

Cristina Antonela Hopp

Nicoleta Bogoș

Laura Vlad

Mihai Curcă

Aurora Straton

Daniel Hodină

Claudia Ciufudean

Răzvan-Mihai Mălina

Claudiu Cristian Rotundu

Ioana Podi

Dorel Colodeiciuc

Otilia Crișan

Oana Moroșanu

Valeriu Dragomir

Diana Păduraru

Sorin Cristea

Alexandra Mareniuc

Ioana Maruneac (Sologiuc)

Andrei Bradu

Violeta Antohi

Daniela Rebenciuc

Ioana Maftei

Emilia Grigorean

Amelia Pușcoiu

Alexandru Găleanu

Sînziana Burcea

Anca Rusu

Maria Orha

Crisanta Florescu

Ana Maria Moise

Lungu Bogdan Gheorghita Marian

Nicoleta Antonescu

Teodor Baciu

Emil Berceanu

Patricia Ciobanu

Liana Pascariu

Marius Nistor

Cristian Fierbinteanu

Oana Coca

Alexandru Lefter

Georgiana Timpau

Ruxandra Tihon

Mona Oanea

Valentina Patrolea

Lidia Mîrzac

Morosan Mihaela

Oana Iacob

Boulissière Sylvie Didier

Bogdan Padurariu

Andreea Timu

Alexandru Rotariu

Corina Blumenfeld

Andreea Grosu

Lavinia Popovici

Ioana Tăbăcaru

Bogdan Bud

Alina Macovei-Tcaciuc

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